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Why invest in your SEO?

We give you five key reasons:

  1. Your Competitors Are Doing It: when your competitors are investing in SEO and you’re not, their websites will move up in the rankings and yours will be pushed down until it’s invisible.
  2. SEO Helps Users Find Your Website:  when potential customers search for products or services online, very few look beyond the first page of results, so it’s crucial that your website is there.
  3. It’s Cost Effective: few online strategies offer the ROI you get with SEO. It sends well-targeted traffic to your website, increases sales, builds your brand, grows your authority, improves credibility, and much more.
  4. More Users Are Turning to Search Engines: 81% of consumers and 77% of B2B customers use search engines to research their purchases, so without SEO, your company will go unnoticed in those searches.
  5. It Still Works: modern SEO requires a new level of sophistication to convince search engines that your website offers searchers the best solution for their requested keywords.
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Step 1 Strategy Creation

In this phase we will work on:

  1. Information gathering:
    We will gather all information needed about your business and industry.
  2. Keyword research:
    We consçduct an extensive Keyword Research on your website
  3. Website SEO Audit:
    We conduct an exhaustive test on your domain, this report highlights the current state of your website along with our recommendation.

Step 2 Strategy implementation

After this research and analysis we are ready to create the best SEO strategy for our client:

  • Content Plan Delivery:
    We create a content plan outline topics suggestions
  • Content Creation:
    Depending on your content, we create blogs, articles, and press releases for your website.
  • Promotional media:
    We create visually stunning infographics and breathtaking videos
  • Content distribution:
    We publish your content on various website and your website starts generating traffic from multiple sources.
  • Link Building:
    Create quality links it is one of the most important point in our strategy. We build backlinks to your website on trusted, relevant domains that your website can benefit from.
  • Social Media Management:
    Social Media is a wonderful tool for self promoting and content distribution. We can manage your social media presence.
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, Seo
, Seo
, Seo

Reporting and Follow Up

SEO needs time to bring results this is why we keep you updated weekly or monthly.Weekly/Monthly Ranking Report

We send you weekly keywords ranking reports so you can see the impact of the SEO campaign for each week.

  • Activities Sheet:
    This report list down all activities performed for your website during that time.
  • Completion Report:
    Once all SEO activities are performed we will send over an extensive, detailed, completion report.